100 Year Warranty

Quality materials and careful craftsmanship.

Would you rather…

Buy 100 cheap bags year after year or buy 1 great bag made to last 100 years?

If it breaks we fix it

We employ the use of high-quality materials and very careful craftsmanship with everything we do here at Vintage Leather Company. Knowing this, we expect our bags to last a lifetime. In fact, we guarantee it and we back that guarantee with a warranty of 100 years.

No Hassle

Once you receive your order and register it on our site, your warranty is active. As long as your claim is within the scope of our warranty we will not hesitate to help you out! We’ll either repair the bag (which we prefer) or replace it outright with an exact copy, or the latest and most similar model.

Ready for adventure

The perfect bags for your perfect escape.
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