Become an Affiliate

Make money while sharing sweet discounts with your followers!

Make Real Money

Every time your followers shop using your  unique referral link or coupon code, you earn 15% commission! Even if they leave the site and come back later you’ll still get paid.

Share the Love

Give your network of followers and fans a reason to shop by sharing a totally unique coupon code with them. All your friends will save 15% on any of their orders!

See all the data

On the affiliate dashboard you can view live data on all of your referrals! Check how many visitors are coming to our store, how big their orders are, and how much you’re earning.

How do I get paid?

You earn commission on every order. Keep track of your earnings in the dashboard. Payments are processed twice a month via PayPal. Sign up for a PayPal account here.

Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account in the “Payment Email” field when you register as an affiliate.

Will I receive free products?

Yes, eventually!

After 5 successful referrals, you will be eligible to receive a free product of your choice!

When can I start?

As soon as you log in to your affiliate account for the first time you will see your referral URL. Share your link to start getting visits right away!

Get a boost by using our “Creatives” in posts to show off your favourite leather bags without all the upfront work of location scouting and product shoots.

What If I don't want to post your photos?

We cannot validate every affiliate’s audience to know whether we would get a return on our investment in free products. Thus, our approach to influencer marketing is similar to the industry standard “pay per click” system. You get paid when your audience responds.

If you really believe your audience is a good fit for us, register an account and contact us after it has been approved. Then we will discuss the available opportunities.

Did we miss your question?

Email your questions to and we will answer you as quickly as possible.


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