Our Story

This is where it all began.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario

Early in 2017, a vision was forming. I wanted a totally new adventure and this was it. I love leather goods; I love the classic look, the durable and luxurious material, the vintage appeal. Starting Vintage Leather Company has been an exciting ride. The destination may be uncertain, but the journey is incredible. I hope you’ll come along.

Fine Goods – Fair Price

Trading companies, middlemen, and brands regularly markup leather goods outrageously, severely inflating the true cost of a quality bag. We skip the industry markups and pass these savings to you.




We are Vintage Leather Company

High-quality handcrafted leather goods for awesome people at a fair price. 

Your next adventure is going to be amazing. The bag that gets you through it should be too.

You First, We Insist

We partner directly with leading leather workers and cut out the middlemen so you get fine goods at a fair price.

Exciting and Inspiring

From North America to Europe and Asia, adventure awaits you. We are excited everytime we see the places you take our products.

Practical and Purposeful

Made to improve your life. The features you need to get through the day are the factors that drive our design.

Ready for adventure

The perfect bags for your perfect escape.
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